ViraShield Personal Enclosure

I am sure you have read about the COVID-19 scare onboard a United flight last December. Looks like a mask is not going help if someone is going to lie about his or her condition when flying. So, if you really have to fly, perhaps you should consider gearing up with the ViraShield.

ViraShield Personal Enclosure

What looks like a protective bubble of sort is not a joke, btw. ViraShield is a real thing money can buy. Not going to lie. It looks absolutely ridiculous. It kind of made Blanc and the Air by Microclimate appears to less ridiculous.

On the other hand, however, it does look pretty safe. Like how can you not be safe when you are totally enclosed? Granted, it will not keep safe in a chemical attack, but in the case of a droplet-transmitted COVID-19, it probably will.

ViraShield offers 360 degrees of protection. It is spacious enough for the entire upper body be inside – along with your arms. It looks like an airline tray could be tuck in it too. So I am guessing you can kind eat and drink in it too? I am not 100 percent sure, though.

ViraShield Personal Enclosure

ViraShield’s use is not limited to airplane; you can use it on a train or on a bus – assuming space is not a luxury, or in a waiting room or classroom. Wherever you may use it, it is design in such a way that you will have no contact with the seat and the armrest.

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It is obviously low-tech solution than say, the BioVYZR. But then again, it does not cost 300+ dollars. It can be had for “just” US$89.99. A small price to pay for a peace of mind – that’s if you don’t mind looking like a complete alien.

Oh, yeah, about using the restroom… I am not sure how’s that going to work out. You probably have get out at some point to use the bathroom. OK. Maybe I should just hold back on flying indefinitely. If anyone’s interested, you can find ViraShield selling on Pictar as well as on

ViraShield Personal Enclosure

Images: Pictar.

Hat tip: the gadgeteer.