Rubik’s Cube and LEGO. These two seemingly unrelated things may soon be related – thanks to YouTuber/LEGO Ideas member PuzzLEGO (or puzzLEGO1 on LEGO Ideas).

Working LEGO Rubik’s Cube by puzzLEGO1

Before PuzzLEGO, I never knew you could recreate the iconic puzzle toy (which was not originally created for entertainment, btw) using LEGO and LEGO Technic elements.

A search on LEGO Ideas revealed that puzzLEGO1’s Working LEGO Rubik’s Cube isn’t the first. But it became one of the fastest LEGO Ideas submissions to reach 10,000 supports.

Working LEGO Rubik’s Cube by puzzLEGO1

And yes, it has done it… in less than a month. The project went live on on October 27, but it already had set its foot inside the elite 10K club and qualifies itself for the review stage.

You can see how PuzzLEGO aka puzzLEGO1 recreates the Rubik’s Cube mechanism using LEGO in the video below.

Working LEGO Rubik’s Cube by puzzLEGO1

It is worthy to note that the version featured in the video is V2, while the one submitted to LEGO Ideas is V3. We shan’t dig into the mechanics, but if you are so inclined, be sure to watch the said video.

Meanwhile, we just have to wait for the Third 2021 Review, scheduled for January 2022, to see if this LEGO MOC made the cut.

Images: LEGO Ideas (puzzLEGO1).

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