AIR Breathing Helmet by MicroClimate

Well, what do I know? I thought the spherical helmet conceptualized by art collective Plastique Fantastique in response to the pandemic was not something to be taken seriously. But then this happen: AIR by MicroClimate.

AIR Breathing Helmet by MicroClimate

Created by former automotive engineer Michael Hall’s MicroClimate company, AIR is a helmet that resemble astronaut’s helmet and it is designed specifically for traveling, be it on an Uber, airline or bus.

AIR is decidedly futuristic and sad at the same time. Sad because, we have to come to this. Keeping our faces away from the environment. Futuristic because, it does look kind of sleek (in sci-fi sense).

AIR Breathing Helmet by MicroClimate

Unlike Plastique Fantastique’s artistic piece, AIR actually forms a micro climate around your head. It is outfitted with two HEPA filters to scrub the air that it draws in for you to keep you alive and filtering the air you breathe out before purging it into the atmosphere.

It has a generous acrylic visor for an unobstructed view of the world outside as well as allowing fellow beings to see your entire face. This being a helmet means that it is glasses-friendly too. Though, good luck to you if you have an itch on your face, or your glasses starts sliding down. It is also true wireless earbuds-friendly too, but I am guessing the touch control would be useless.

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The helmet is powered by a rechargeable battery that provides over 4 hours of user per single full charge and it can be recharged using the included unusually long USB-C cable (6 freaking feet!) – even when it is in use.

The helmet has a fabric interior that extends to the neck forming a neck seal for a proper seal. The fabric can be removed to be washed. Each AIR comes with two sizes of cushion liners to ensure a comfy fit for different size head.

I guess space-age helmet is not exclusive to astronauts and electronic music DJs anymore. It is for anyone who are willing to part with US$199 of their hard-earned money. If you are interested, you can pre-order AIR by MicroClimate now. The product is expected to ship mid-October for U.S. customers.

Images: MicroClimate.

Source: SyFy wire.