After all these years, someone finally decided to turn the notorious Decepticons leader Megatron into a water gun. Water gun Megatron is an officially licensed Transformers product from toy maker Daiki Kougyou.

Transformers Megatron Water Gun by Daiki Kougyou

Transformers Megatron Water Gun just popped out of nowhere. It is indeed a surprise product news, especially since Daiki Kougyou has gained notoriety for creating NSFW collectible female figures (you know, scantily clad, big boobs and all). So, this Megatron water gun is really out of the company’s norm.

The water gun is based on G1 Megatron’s alt-mode, a P38 automatic pistol. The water gun features a silver finish with black hand grip, along with attachable black barrel extension and scope. It, of course, comes with the skeleton stock and shoulder rest to complete the look.

Transformers Megatron Water Gun by Daiki Kougyou

Obviously, it is not transformable. It will be an engineering marvel if it can transform while still being able to function as a water gun. It will make for a cool collectibles.

The Transformers Megatron Water Gun is a life-size replica of the animated series from the early days and it measures 222 mm without the barrel extension and stock, and 625 mm with attachments.

Transformers Megatron Water Gun by Daiki Kougyou

The product is available to order in Japan for 7,000 yen plus tax and it will not be shipped until February 2021.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that it will appear anywhere outside of Japan. As you probably already noticed, the end of the barrel is not capped in orange which is required by my countries. Good luck trying to import this in yourself. You will be lucky if it didn’t get halted at the custom.

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Images: Daiki Kougyou [JP] [NSFW] via Dengeki Hobby Web [JP].

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