The Internet Shows You What You Can Do With The Ikea Tote Bag

I am sure you have heard about the hilarity that ensues after Balenciaga unveiled a $2,000+ bag that has an uncanny resemblance to Ikea’s iconic 99 cents tote bag. Ever since Ikea humorously shot back at the French luxury fashion label, there have been a series of what we called Frakta bag hack, including a pair of not quite Frakta related sneakers (which is awesome, btw). Anyways, speaking of “Frakta bag hacks,” they are actually crazy cool and it ranges from face mask to bikini top to different bag styles. Hell, those Frakta-based products are so cool that you’d wish they were real products. Trust me, you will never look at the Frakta bag the same way again after this.

Some said Frakta is the new black. Well, I guess that person couldn’t be more right! So without further ado, here are some of crazy awesome Frakta bag hacks.

Kicking off the countless number of Frakta bag hack is this bikini top which is actually available for sale.

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A bag is best made into another bag and here are the proves:

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Italian shoemakers are so intrigued by what Frakta can be turned into and so they made this pair of shoes:

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Look! Boots too!

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A prom dress. Probably for graduates of Ikea University. Kidding. There’s no such college.

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And of course, a couple of head gears…

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Thongs too? Hmmm. I can already imagine the comfort level, or the lack thereof.

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What do you know? Frakta looks good as a mask too. Though I doubt it will be functional, i.e. breathable. It is, after all, waterproof, isn’t it?

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Waterproof jacket is a no-brainer, really and so, here it is:

You can see more Ikea Frakta bag hacks by following the links below. Enjoy!

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