Hasbro NERF Super Soaker XP100

Hasbro must been bitten by the nostalgia bug. After revealing that it will be rebooting the single-game handheld devices, the toy maker has announced that it is bringing back three of the original Super Soakers.

Obviously, Hasbro isn’t going to use the same molds for these reboots. It has been nearly three decades since these revolutionary water squirters debuted and back then, there weren’t known for durability.

Expect design tweaks and more advanced materials with these reboots. Oh, we forgot to mention the models elected for life in 2020. They are the Super Soaker XP20, XP30 and XP100. Don’t ask why these models were chosen.

We do not have the details, save for the a couple of things Sean Hollister from The Verge pointed out. And they are a “heftier forward-slung charging handle,” and the XP100 has a reservoir with 1.26 liters capacity as opposed to the original’s 1.5 liters.

Hasbro Super Soaker XP20, XP30 and XP100 are set to arrive this Spring and exclusively at Target in the U.S. The XP20 and XP30 will sell for $7.99 and $12.99, respectively, while the XP100 will retail for $17.99.

Images: Hasbro.