The need to protect actors during movie making lead to the creation of the job known as stunt doubles, AKA stuntman. Little do we know that a job normally reserved for the fearless could be at threat of robot takeover too. Believe or not, Disney is hatching a plan to let autonomous humanoids take on dangerous stunt.

Apparently, the robots are autonomous and “self-correcting” which by that I interpret as it follows a set of program to do what it supposed to do, like leaping from building to building, smash a fire wall (a literal one, not the computer security thing) and things like that, and doing so while having the ability to ‘correct’ itself (or should we say paths or routines) if they strayed from it.

Whatever it is, the story was, stunt man is no longer indispensable. Go ahead with your union. This mega corporations will have its way eventually because, money talks. And this case, money enables companies like Disney to develop technology that will one day reduce labor required. On the bright side, stuntman can carry with non life-threatening stunts while robots like this upgraded stick man can pull off crazy stunts that can result in death.

For moviegoers, it would mean more realistic stunts that aren’t created by CGI. So, yeah, the threat of robots taking over jobs is no longer reserved exclusively to burger flipping, pole dancing, security, or sporting coach. The seemingly physically demanding job like stunt doubles is at stake too.

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As a consolation, that should be far into the future. I don’t think it will see widespread use in near future. Stunt folks, perhaps it is time to pick the skill of dealing with robots? Continue reading for a video of this stuntman of the future in action.

Images: YouTube.

Source: Geekologie.

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