Segway x Transformers Gokart Pro and Kickscooters

What if, when the Transformers first reach Earth, they decided to disguise themselves as a go-kart or kickscooter? Nah. That’s a ridiculous thought. Meanwhile, in the real world, Transformers will indeed appear as a go-kart and kickscooters – thanks to a collaboration between Segway-Ninebot and Hasbro.

Segway x Transformers Gokart Pro and Kickscooters

Details are sparse, or nearly nonexistent to be precise. All we know is that there will be at least three co-branded Segway/Ninebot products, involving a Gokart Pro, a Kids KickScooter, and a performance KickScooter GT2 we wrote about in the previous post.

Obviously, they won’t transform (duh) but the said products are likely to get cosmetic treatment based on select Transformers characters. From the lone slide, it appears that Bumblebee will be appearing on the Gokart Pro and Optimus Prime on the Kids KickScooter.

Oddly though, it appears that Megatron will be lending his colors to the newly announced performance KickScooter GT2. This begs the question: why do bad guys always get all the good stuff?

Details of each vehicle are not available yet but we do know that they will be available this year (2022).

Image: Segway [US].