Remember Volkspod? The custom scooter made out of a VW Beetle’s fender? Well, here’s another one by another party, called Bugkart Wasowski. Bugkart Wasowski is also has a body that used to be fender of a VW Beetle – a Type 1 Beetle to be specific. I know right? It looks super cool.

Bugkart Wasowski Go-Kart Motorcycle Hybrid

Bugkart Wasowski is sort of like a go-kart and a scooter hybrid. It has a go-kart chassis that sits super low to the ground and yet, it has an upper that looks more like a motorcycle or scooter.

The upper has a body repurposed fender from a VW Beetle, and it has a bicycle saddle and handlebar. Like the Volkspod, the original headlight and turn signal are put to good use on this odd-looking, but no less cool transportation.

Even more lovely is, Aldekas Studio, the outfit responsible for the Bugkart Wasowski, has given this vehicle the original side mirrors of a Volkswagen Beetle.

Information is scant, but why do we need more details when it look this cool? Head on to Aldekas Studio’s Facebook page for images.

Bugkart Wasowski Go-Kart Motorcycle Hybrid

Images: Facebook (Aldekas Studio).

Source: Yanko Design.

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