Custom 1968 Volkswagen Wedding Beetle

This is a Wedding Beetle created by welding extraordinaire Esparza-Prieto back in 1968. This unique custom VW has a body made out of a wrought iron skeletal frame and the gaps filled with floral patterns and decorative swirls.

Custom 1968 Volkswagen Wedding Beetle

The combination of white wrought iron and the patterns make it like a wedding car and hence, the name. The original idea begin in Mexico City, in a local parts store where the welder worked.

Esparza-Prieto’s boss asked him to create a one-of-a-kind Beetle shell and this was what Esparza-Prieto came up with. When the Volkswagen executives down the road saw it, they were swooned over and asked Esparza-Prieto to create two more.

Custom 1968 Volkswagen Wedding Beetle

However, this time, they were not just shells; they were drivable. As the popularity of see-thru VW Beetle gained popularity, VW commissioned Esparza-Prieto to build an additional 20-plus creations for display at dealerships across the world.

It was a brilliant auto art that allows car enthusiasts to admire the then-powerful 1.5L flat-four, air-cooled engine mounted to the rear of the car. However, fairy tale and admiration aside, VW highlighted that the Wedding Beetle is not suitable as a daily driver since because, it does not have a windshield and the open body concept will not protect you and your passengers from the weather and stray debris.

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All images courtesy of Volkswagen of America, Inc..