up till now, Caterham Cars are like the age of the brand: all vintage and oozing with hotrod styling. not a bad thing, but we think the marque needs something that could do more than just weekend gather-and-meet and that ‘more’ would be answered by the brand’s AeroSeven Concept. it maybe a concept for now, but it is breaking the stigma associated with concepts and would be rolling off the production line sometime next year. the thing about most concepts not making to the market is entirely true, especially those audacious ones, which often ended up with nothing more than just another (expensive) memory to the car makers. so it is indeed something to rejoice for roadster-loving motoring enthusiasts. though, no further details such as exact availability and pricing, were offered. but hey, it is coming which is what matters now, but as to whether anyone of us can afford one is another story.

under its full carbon fiber body sits a 2.0-liter Ford Duratec unit, pumping out 237 horses (177 kW) and 152 lb-ft (206 Nm) of torque, mated to a six-speed stick shifter that affords this lightweight, windshield-less roadster to make zero to 60 mph in less than four seconds. with such power, presumably speed (top speed wasn’t disclose) and topless, it calls for serious occupants protection in which it has rollover bars, as well as five-point seat belts to offer. other features include Caterham Engine Management System with driver-adjustable traction and launch control functions, F1-style inboard pushrod suspension up front and fully independent suspension to the rear, all-round disc brake system with Bosch “race derived” ABS, 15-inch alloy wheels shod in Avon CR500 tires, F1-style steering wheel, and a HD fully active Graphical Display Unit. hit the jump to steal a few more look, or hit up the source link to learn more.

Caterham Cars UK via DVICE

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