why push a table on castors when it can walk?

Wouter Scheublin Walking Table 544x338px
(credit: Wouter Scheublin) Walking Table | US$tbc | www.wouterscheublin.com

it looks like designer Wouter Scheublin takes “avoid reinventing the wheel” too literally by inventing a table that walks when pushed. go home castor wheels! who needs you when i have eight legs to travel as my owner wishes? what looks like a normal table with eight legs come to life and mimics the natural walking motion when being pushed. don’t get what i mean? check out the video after the break to see for yourself. warning: kind of artistic video which some may fall asleep watching.
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also take a closer look at the mechanical joints of this awesome work of art in the images above. not sure about you folks out there but i know i’m totally impressed. want one? you are in luck as the Walking Table is available in a walnut edition of just eight pieces and it is on sale via Priveekollektie. however, i have searched high and low at Priveekollektie but i couldn’t find the Walking Table listed there. perhaps, it walked away for a moment?

Wouter Scheublin via Oh Gizmo!

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