Stuart Hughes x Karl Mathers Infinity Denim Jacket

It ain’t heavy, it is just a £3.5 million denim jacket. OK. It is not ‘just’ because, £3.5 million (about US$4.6 million) is hell lot of money. It is a fortune, but you know, some folks are just freaking rich. So freaking rich that they have no qualm about dropping astronomical sum for something as mundane as a vintage denim jacket. Anywho, an unnamed musician (no doubt a rock star, judging from the design) was the person who acquired this bespoke masterpiece.

Stuart Hughes x Karl Mathers Infinity Denim Jacket

Yes. This is a denim jacket that we are talking about here and one that bears the trademark studded design of UK fashion label Lord Swagger. The jacket was collaborative effort between avant-garde fashion designer Karl Mathers of Lord Swagger and maestro of luxe-up gadgets, Stuart Hughes. Called Infinity, this denim jacket is not only heavy on the price, but it is literally heavy – attributed by the 2.1 kilograms (4.62 lbs!) of hand-set 24 ct solid gold. Now, that’s heavy!

As far as luxury is concerned, solid gold is not all it has to flaunt; it also gets platinum detail and embellishment by the way of enormous 129 ct Flawless Diamonds. This world’s most expensive denim jacket was a commissioned piece which took three months to complete. This is one jacket no one will just leave around. “Sir, may I assist you in placing your jacket on the coat hanger, please?” “No, you may not.” “It costs a freaking 3.5 million pounds for the love of god and you don’t hand that kind of money to anyone just like that, do you???” Of course, not.

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Images: Lord Swagger.

Stuart Hughes via Luxury Launches.