Light 9-Camera Smartphone

Remember the crazy camera called Light L16 that has 16 lenses? Well, if you think the company is about stop there, you’d be wrong. In a what I see as a natural progression, Light Co. is venturing into making mobile phone and no surprisingly, when it does that, the smartphone is going to have more than one camera on its back. It will not two, not three, but a whopping 9 cameras. This is no rumor; this exciting tidbit was shared by Light Co. with The Washington Post.

Apparently, concept and working prototype phones have been showed to the news outlet, along with details like the device will be capable of capturing 64 MP shots and will have “better low-light performance and sophisticated depth effects.” However, that is as much as we know. One for sure that we can say is, it won’t be cheap. The company’s L16 already commands a hefty $1,950 and so, one can only imagine the 9-camera smartphone will cost.

Granted, it will probably not as costly as the L16. It will be pricey nevertheless because, 9 cameras. The technology required, including the image processing power will far exceed what we have today. Even more exciting is, this is not paper talk. As it turns out, Light has Foxconn as its investor and according to the report, the device will be revealed later this year.

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So far, dual camera has become a norm and already, Huawei P21 Pro has a three-camera system, and therefore, we shouldn’t surprise to see more lenses around the back of a smartphone. But in all seriousness, a 9-camera setup is by far the most ludicrous proposition, but yet very much intriguing. Why do I have a feeling that the future of standalone of camera is one reserved for the connoisseurs?

Image: The Washington Post.

via PetaPixel.