rock musicians collaborating with breweries for their own brand of adult soda seems like a no-brainer move. cos’ we all know that rock n’ roll and booze (and the other erhmm.. ‘thing’) kind of goes hand-in-hand, like Nachos and Salsa sauce. joining this growing number of collaborations is the Iron Maiden Trooper Ale brewed by UK brewer Robinsons with Iron Maiden front man, Bruce Dickinson playing a major part in the development of this unique flavor beer. the name Trooper, in case you haven’t got a clue, is taken from the metal band’s song. this traditional English ale is the result of a concoction of Bobec, Goldings and Cascade hops that gives it the deep golden appearance and a taste with a subtle hint of lemon. the best part is, it is an Ale with just about the right alcohol content of 4.8 percent, which makes it an excellent beverage for a hot afternoon day.

the Iron Maiden Trooper Ale is not available to United States yet, but it is available quite a handful of countries including most EU nations, Australia, New Zealand et cetera. as for pricing, it goes for £15.60 (about US$25) per case of eight x 500ml in the UK. price for other countries may vary depending on taxes and duties. catch a video below of Bruce bringing you up to speed on the creation of Trooper. man, that dude don’t seem to age after all these years!

Iron Maiden Beer via Cool Material

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