it would be perfectly fine if frictional billionaire cum superhero Bruce Wayne were to be the spokesperson for Lamborghini. it would not be as appropriate for the Man of Steel. it is just so off. spandex suits, perhaps, but definitely not a luxury sports car. however, if a truck, in this case a power wagon coming from RAM, would be totally fitting. don’t you think so? you know? the power and ruggedness associated with trucks and the fact that Clark Kent grew up in a farm? yeah. you probably get the idea. and that’s probably the rationale behind this RAM Power Wagon Man of Steel Edition. just not to get your hopes too high, this is an one-off thing which was on display at the movie’s premier in NYC – after which, this tough Man of Steel suited truck will make its way around US to attend the various events like a superstar. it will eventually going under the hammer for charity – to which no further information was provided.

as you would have imagined, much of this one-off power wagon are cosmetics and featuring a Dark Ceramic Gray paint job, topped off with a custom wrap inspired by the rebooted Superman’s suit. other exterior features include a high-gloss black roof which you probably never get to see, anodized red grille accents, forged aluminum 17-inch black wheels, and of course, the new Superman emblem which can be found on the front, tailgate as well as on the doors where the RAM logo would be. on the inside, you find pewter leather seats with custom mesh inserts (again, inspired by the superhero’s suit), anodized red paint trim accents on the doors, steering column, radio cluster and seats, and Superman branding can also be found on the seats, console, glovebox and even the screen backdrop and startup screen on the radio cluster. basically, it is probably a dream ride for any Man of Steel fans.

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