Forget about mobility scooters for grandpa and grandma. Words cannot even explain how cumbersome they are and you know what? With a mobility scooter grandpa or grandma won’t be able to drive a regular car, because that clunky electric vehicle won’t fit in a small car. That’s not very wise if grandpa/grandma only wants it to deal with the last mile, like you know, zipping around the shopping mall and back to the parking lot. From the folks who leverages on Hoverboard (that doesn’t actually hover, btw) to bring you the quirky mobility beach chair, comes HoverBike (again, it won’t hover) that turns your Hoverboard into an electric bike – with four wheels.

HoverBike Four-wheel Electric Bike Powered by Hoverboard

It looks totally like a mobility scooter, except that it is super lightweight (it weighs just 10 lbs, or 4.5 kilograms) and obviously, a whole lot less clunky. This means it can be easily taken apart and stow away in the trunk of a regular automobile. And it looks kind of cool too. Like the Hoverseat, it can be rigged up to a trolley to tow stuff or, for smaller items, a front basket would be suffice to handle your daily errand run. HoverBike is designed to turn any 6- or 10-inch Hoverboard with round center section into a full-fledge electric bike and it boasts features like an aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware, ball bearing-equipped real wheels, an adjustable bicycle handle and saddle, and a setup that’s capable of holding up to 250 lbs (113 kilograms) of payload.

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HoverBike Four-wheel Electric Bike Powered by Hoverboard

HoverBike may not hover like Colin Furze’s crazy garage invention that actually hovers, but it sure is a great way to leverage on this hard-to-balance electric mobility device, and if you are suitably impressed, you can help make HoverBike a reality by backing its Kickstarter campaign. It is priced at $129 for early birds and $169 for the early bird perks run out. As with any Kickstarter campaign, whether you will see this lovely contraption at your doorstep this June-August will depend on its eventual funding status. See it in action in the pitch video below.

HoverBike Four-wheel Electric Bike Powered by Hoverboard

Images courtesy of HoverBike LLC.

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