We said before and we will say it again. The market is not lacking of backpacks. However, if you are looking one that does not take on the rugged-look styling, but is still rugged for today’s urban warriors, this is it, the X-Bumper Backpack by Hong Kong-based Kore Design. It is essentially a survival backpack for road-going urbanites who demand a style away from the jungle. Typically, non-rugged look don’t quite appeal to me, but X-Bumper striking design had me hello. It looks like a carry bag, or a should bag, or a giant-ass man-purse, but it is in fact, a well-rounded and uber stylish backpack that we thought would go well even if you had a two-piece suit on.

X-Bumper Backpack for Urban Warrior by Kore Design

It has a ton of features that qualify it as a modern day, urban survival backpack and these includes water repellant material paired to high-quality waterproof zipper, a pair of comfy handle for hand carrying, padded internal laptop sleeve, added protection from a multilayer padded base, concealed back cushion, gadget-friendly pocket, integrated charging compartment, easy access hidden storage and “scientific anti-theft design,” padded adjustable shoulder straps, RFID safe hidden pocket, an re-engineered frame opening, and a multi-purpose easy reachable side pocket.

In addition, it also an extra which no backpack like such has: an insulated pocket that can keep your cold beverage cool so you can enjoy a cool drink when you are dealing with the heat that comes with the hustle bustle of city life. No, seriously. How often do you get an insulated pocket with a backpack unless maybe it is meant for camping and such? Rarely, or we would even say, none at all. The X-Bumper Backpack is worthy urban survival backpack for any gadget-toting urbanite who are equally style conscious.

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If X-Bumper Backpack tickles the urban survivalist in you, then you want to consider pre-ordering one from Kore Design’s Kickstarter campaign. Prices start at 780 Hong Kong dollars, which works out to be around a hundred dollars in USD. Sounds like a reasonable sum to shell out for an abled bag, don’t you think? Keep going to catch the product pitch video.

Images courtesy of Kore Design.

Submitted via TIP US page.

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