The so-called Hoverboard, a two-wheel balancing board, has gotten much attention over last few years due not to its novelty but for its propensity to go up in flame, or exploding, without rime or reason. That being said, this “highly volatile” product is probably the last thing you will expect anyone to make accessories for it. But then again, this is a weird, weird world, isn’t it? And so we’d prepared ourselves to expect the unexpected, but nothing could have prepared us for the Hoverboard Cart. Wait. What? Yeap. Hoverboard Cart.

Hoverboard Cart Sit-on Attachment For Hoverboard

Like the misleading namesake of the original product, it does not hover, at all. Hoverboard Cart is basically a sitting attachment that lets you turn a regular Hoverboard into a mobile beach throne which you can ride across the sand, saving you the hassle of walking. Man, what is wrong with mankind? Is walking that bad that you need to have a four-wheeler to do the job, on a beach? Whatever happen to “feeling the sand with your feet?”

Hoverboard Cart Sit-on Attachment For Hoverboard

While with loathe at the idea, the pretty, Penelope Cruz-lookalike model kind of brightens the prospect of the product and suddenly, Hoverseat seems like a brilliant idea for a lazy day at the beach. Come’on, why Netflix and Chill when you can Hoverseat and Chill, right? Right. Anyways, its creator won’t be proud with a single functionality accessory and therefore it has demonstrated that this cool accessory can do more, like affixing a beach-requisite cooler box to turn it into a cooler box ride (now, that’s practical) and apparently, even towing your kayak along.

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Honestly, the idea kind of grows in me, but I can’t shake off the bad rep Hoverboard has and also, turning it into a mobile beach chair does not negate the risk cos’ your feet will still be on the ticking time bomb. Yes. I said ‘vehicle’ because it looks pretty much like a Go-kart now, only way slower. We picked up this tip last week, it was sold out. We check back today, it is still sold out. Looks like this 69 dollars product has let some folks find new ways to use their Hoverboards. See it in action in the embedded video below.

Hoverboard Cart Sit-on Attachment For Hoverboard

Hoverboard Cart Sit-on Attachment For Hoverboard

Hoverboard Cart Sit-on Attachment For Hoverboard

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