I’ll be honest. I have absolutely no idea what this wonderful creation does, but damn, the Solid State Volumetric OLED Display by maker/tinkerer/YouTube personality Sean Hodgins is so cool!

In his latest video, Hodgins has created a Solid State Volumetric OLED Display which has a bunch of transparent OLED displays stack together. This result in a super cool display with depth.

Like I have said, I have no idea what’s going here and hence, I shan’t pretend to know anything. All I know is, it makes for a super futuristic augmented reality device and if I am not wrong, it could be a virtual reality device if the final display has a dark background (maybe?).

Anyhoo, instead of saying what I don’t know, I shall leave you to admire the entire process and the end result in the video below. Oh, wait. Before you go, you may want to know you can actually build one yourself. Sean has also offered up the instructions for the device on Instructables.com too.

Images: YouTube (SeanHodgins).

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