Not many people can make the Guinness World Records. However, we can own a piece of one or many records. You can do so by picking up a Guinness World Records Book. Or you could own a set of the LEGO 10276 Creator Colosseum because, this 9,036-piece gargantuan building set launched last year is now recognized by Guinness World Records as the Largest Commercially Available LEGO Set.

LEGO Colosseum Guinness World Records

When completed, this incredibly detailed replica of the ancient amphitheater in the center city of Rome, Italy, measures a cool 10.5 inches (27 cm) tall, 20.5 inches (52 cm) wide and 23.5 inches (59 cm) deep. That, my friends, is a lot of shelve space. I know what you are thinking: “this ain’t no biggest LEGO creation.” Indeed, it is not.

LEGO Colosseum Guinness World Records

There have been the Largest LEGO Brick Caravan, Largest LEGO Brick Ship, Largest LEGO Brick Skeleton, Largest LEGO Brick Batmobile Sculpture – just to name a few, but the LEGO 10276 Creator Colosseum is the Largest Commercially Available LEGO Set. This means, while you can buy any of the aforementioned record holders, you can totally pick this set up. Well, that’s if you are cool with dropping US$550 for it.

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Images: LEGO Group.

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