You may remember the Largest Caravan Built with Interlocking Plastic Bricks from a few years ago? Well, as it turns out, that impressive 215,518-brick camper trailer’s record was wiped by another custom LEGO caravan built last year by Australia’s Ben “The Brick Builder” with a caravan built from 288,630 individual bricks. The caravan was a project sponsored by Caravanning Queensland and Top Parks from a concept by John Cochrane Advertising (all Australian) and the record set in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on September 26, 2018.

Largest LEGO Brick Caravan 2018
In case you are wondering, there are functioning lights too.

“The concept to attempt this title came from John Cochrane Advertising who wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary Queensland Caravanning and Camping Show with “Something Big.” Ben Craig was commissioned shortly after to start the design and building process, while Caravanning Queensland and Top Parks got involved to sponsor the project.”

This newest LEGO-related Guinness World Records holder was modeled after a 1973 Viscount Royale and come fully furnished with stove-top, refrigerator, sink with running water, checkers board, drawers with silverware and as a mark of a true Australian product, a tub of Vegemite made from LEGO bricks was included too. Not only the caravan has running water, it also had functioning electricity too. Impressive!

Largest LEGO Brick Caravan 2018
Check out the incredibly detailed, expansive interior.

Aside of the challenge of getting this insane amount of bricks, Ben used no less than 70L (18.5 gallons) of glue to ensure the bricks stay clicked together as they should, so the entire caravan was display friendly. All told, it took a team of builders 530 hours over a five month period to complete. But this current record holder for the Largest LEGO Brick Caravan would have been usurped if the 400K-brick replica of the iconic VW T2 weren’t a bus.

Largest LEGO Brick Caravan 2018
A close up of the kitchenette.
Largest LEGO Brick Caravan 2018
The man inside his own creation. Note the ‘jar’ of Vegemite on his right.

Images: Ben Craig AKA The Brick Builder/Guinness World Records.

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Source: Guinness World Records via Brick Fanatics.

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