Cable clutter. A modern day problem that, no matter how hard we try to eradicate, still lingers. Unless true wireless charging becomes truly wireless, it looks like cable clutter is here to stay. Well, not that there aren’t any real world solutions to this lingering issue; there are. The question is: do they look as good as they are at solving the issue? We shan’t judge. In case you’re in the market for one that serves the function and yet does not look awkward, here’s a solution from Nashville-based mobile accessories maker, Griffin Technology, that promised to eliminate the clutter, or more correctly, conceal it, while complementing your home’s decor. Dubbed Cove, it provides a getaway for your gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras or basically anything that charges through USB, a place to recharge while staying out of sight.

Griffin Gadget Charging Station

Cove is essentially a stylish box which you will find a compartment with five 12 watts USB ports for charging up to 5 tablets simultaneously. The extra length of the charging cables can be chucked away in the USB ports ‘drawer’ with only the right amount of length needed extending out, thereby presenting a neat appearance. For the power supply, Griffin did not just slap it with any power supply; fitted to Cove is Griffin’s trademarked ChargeSensor technology that will ensure each device receives its own proper amount (of power) and rate of charge. Additionally, the three easy-access shelves are lined with soft, non-slip material to prevent them from scuffing your devices.

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Finally, there is a low-profile sliding door that helps to keep everything out-of-sight. The sliding door can also be tilted outward to serve as a tablet stand for reading, checking out recipes, watching movies, typing and more. Griffin has chose to make the Cove available through crowdfunding to gauge consumers’ interest in such an accessory. The list price for the Cove is a cool $200, but early backers will be able to secure one for $150. However, that’s provided that the campaign can reach or exceed the set funding goal. Check out a pitch video to learn more.

Griffin Gadget Charging Station

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