in this age where smartphone virtually does it all, do we really need a standalone MP3 player? probably not, but that hasn’t stop Korean consumer electronics maker Cowon from launching the Cowon D20 All-in-One MP3 player. and their pitch? a pretty look and a massive lithium polymer battery that packs up to 90 hours of music playback (or 13 hours for videos) per charge that takes around 6 hours to fully juice up. that kind of fantasy battery life is what smartphone dreams of. so if you rely heavily on on-the-go entertainment to survive your long daily commute, you might want to leave your smartphone alone and give the D20 a thought. at 16.6 mm thick, it may seems a little too thick by today’s standard but it’s weight is anything but hefty – it tips the scale at a mere 86 grams or about 3 oz. other standards include a 2.5″ resistive touchscreen with 320 x 240 pixels, up to 32GB of built-in flash storage, an SD card slot, built-in speaker and microphone, stereo audio output, composite video out, 5-band equalizer with 48 presets (out of which 4 are customizable by user), and the support for XVID SP/ASP and WMV 7/8/9 video codec. never mind that the latter all sounds alien to you, because all you need to know that with the D20, you can rock all day and night, long past your weekend without having to worry about battery life. the Cowon D20 All-in-One MP3 Player is available in Japan with a starting sticker of 11,800 Yen (about US$120).

Cowon D20 All-in-One MP3 Player

Cowon [JP] via Geek

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