most Galaxy smartphones are humongous and if you did ever bring it out along to your exercise routines, you probably stuff it in an armband and never want to retrieve it out for anything in the world. this is where the Samsung Gear Fit comes into play. it is like the Gear and Gear 2, which means it is kind of a smartwatch, but one that is geared towards fitness or active lifestyle. it has a sleek 1.84-inch curved Super AMOLED display boasting 432 by 128 pixels that displays notifications such as incoming calls, emails, text messages, alarm, S-planner and even third party apps when connected to a Galaxy smartphone via Bluetooth LE, but it could also work as a standalone device.

it is an accomplished fitness/activity tracker too, loaded with sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope and heart rate sensor, allowing it to perform as a pedometer, monitors heart rate and sleep, and also doubles as a stopwatch and timer. the device is build to IP67 rating for dust and water resistance and packs a 210 mAh rechargeable battery good for up to 4 days of typical usage, or up to 5 days of ‘low usage’. the Samsung Gear Fit is expect to hit the market, globally, starting from April 2014.

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