handsets don’t seem to stop growing in size, which gives us enough reason to own a smartwatch so that we don’t have to pull out our giant every single time to check on notifications, or even make a call. speaking of smartwatch – we are spoilt for choice, however, if you are Samsung GALAXY device user, you might want to give this uber sleek Samsung GALAXY Gear Smartwatch a thought. annnounced at IFA 2013, this watch, when paired to your Samsung GALAXY device, will notify you of incoming messages such as calls, texts, emails and more, allowing you to preview the content and let you discreetly ignore them, or instantly open them on your larger GALAXY device. with the built-in dual microphone and S Voice, you will be able to make handsfree calls directly from the smartwatch, as well as host of other tasks such as draft messages, create new calendar entries, set alerts and even checking on the weather – all without touching the watch.

additionally, a 1.9MP BSI camera with AutoFocus is integrated into the wrist band allowing you to capture life’s important moments – in stills or motion (up to 720p, no less) – without having to pull out your phone. other tech features include a 800MHz processor, 512MB RAM, a super AMOLED touting 320 by 320 resolution, 4GB memory, video playback, built-in mono speaker, Bluetooth 4.0, and accelerometer and gyroscope. basically, the Samsung GALAXY Gear Smartwatch does what most smartwatches do, but with better integration with Sammy’s line of GALAXY devices and of course, an absolute gorgeous look to go with it. arriving soon with a $299 sticker. hit the jump for a few more look and see a sample of the colors available when this clever watch hits the market.

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