If you play Pokémon Go, you will know there are a few cat-based Pokémon but what you may not know is there is a Pokémon trainer who is an actual cat. Folks, meet Pokemon trainer, TikToker @andres.martinez265…. ’s little kitten who is the newest Pokémon trainer in the Pokémon Go space. @andres.martinez265 shared a video of his little kitten casually lying on the bed on its stomach, and staring intently at the Pokémon Go, waiting to pounce on an unexpecting Weedle.

Video of Cat Catching Weedle on Pokemon Go

I don’t how is the cat doing it but it did alright. All I see is the cat directly “catching” the Weedle with its paws which is an adorable sight. Anyhoo, so yeah, this feline Pokémon trainer caught a Weedle. And you know how is it with cat videos; it rolls in view like crazy – especially when it involves extraordinary situations like playing games. And views @andres.martinez265’s video surely has. Last checked, the video has amassed 1.5 million views with over 131,000 likes.

Images: TikTok (@andres.martinez265).

via Dexerto.

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