Dedicated Pokemon Go Grandpa Evolved

Remember Chen San-yuan, AKA Pokémon Go Grandpa, who was seen on the streets of Taiwan playing Pokémon Go with 11 smartphones? Well, apparently, in between now and then, he has upgraded to 20 devices and even more recently, he has evolved up to an incredible 30 devices. As you can see from the video below, he has gone back to using a bicycle which it started when he was just playing with a handful of devices.

It kind of makes sense because, I can’t imagine the weight 30 devices would amount to. Anyways, the 71-year-old man’s passion for the game has not gone unnoticed by Taiwanese computer and handset maker, ASUS. According to a report, ASUS has inducted him as the ambassador of the brand’s ASUS ZenFone series and then proceeds to bestow Chen with 22 ASUS ZenFone Max Pros smartphones for his Pokémon Go career.

Image: Facebook (@retrododo).

Source: CNA.