I often passes my local parks seeing some Pokémon Go players with two-three devices on the same game. I thought they were insane and a little too feverish about this game. Well, I guess I have seen nothing yet because, there is one person who takes the passion of catching Pokémon monsters to the super fan realm by doing so with not one, not two, not three, but a whopping eleven devices – simultaneously. Eleven devices! Imagine that!

And you will be even more bewildered to know that this person is a 70-year-old grandpa named Chen San-yuan. Now, that’s some Pokémon Go super fan there! To cope with the many devices he had to handle at any given time, Chen even have a waist worn contraption that holds all the eleven devices. From what we have observed, he had a sling bag too and cables can be seen snaking out of the bag to the various smartphones.

Apparently, he has a large power bank, which he no doubt had it in the bag, to keep the devices juice. Chen reportedly earned notoriety when he was seen riding a bike while playing with 6-9 phones. But as you have read, he has since expand the contraption and modified it to be worn on his waist, which looks way cooler than it was on the bike.

Looking how Chen gestures over the many phone in front of him makes him look like a Pokémon Go maestro, doesn’t it?

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Image: Twitter.

Source: Slashgear.

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