Here’s a LEGO MOC that’s a departure from the norm. It is a baby stroller, made entirely out of LEGO Technic elements – saved for the seat portion (which like it is of nylon, pulled from an actual stroller). It is worthy of a mention because, who would have thought of making a baby stroller out of LEGO elements? Probably no one except TKEL Creations, AKA Alexis Dos Santos.

TKEL Creations LEGO Technic Stroller

Alexis Dos Santos was the same person behind the super dope interactive LEGO Pod Racing Arcade Game we saw earlier in March. TKEL Creations posted his creation on YouTube and on Eurobricks where he was asked how sturdy the stroller is. The answer is quite obvious. “It is not all robust.” It will not give way, but it does shake a lot.

Just like the real-life stroller, this LEGO Technic iteration is collapsible too. Not sure if it did be able to hold baby, but I am very sure it would make a good toy for young children who want to push their baby doll around. Have a closer of this unusual MOC in the video embedded below.

Images: YouTube.

Source: Eurobricks.

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