Shuri and Ms. Marvel Costumes

Originally, the idea of dressing up in costumes for Halloween is to scare away supernatural or folkloric beings, but it has since evolved to, well, anything goes. As far as children goes, it is about cuteness and the ability to grab sweet treats. Add a dash of today’s need for political correctness, you have the Internet praising children’s costumes inspired by two super heroines of color: Kamala Khan, the Marvel’s first Muslim character whose alter ego is Ms. Marvel (whose superpower is “polymorph”) and the genius Shuri from Black Panther movie.

If you are up for it, you can grab the aforementioned costumes off Shop Disney website now $39.95 a set. There is also T’Challa’s Black Panther costume too, but you know, even though he is this year’s biggest star of color, he is a dude and therefore, the costume is considered entirely PC. You may want to give the Wasp Costume for Kids from the second Ant-Man movie a miss, though. I know. It is a female costume, but the thing is, the Internet has just uncovered something rather sexual about the superheroine’s costume. It is not the curves actress Evangeline Lilly have, btw.

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The costume is OK if you take it for what it is, but for some reason, one folk decided to flip the image of the costume (like, literally), and the abdomen section of the suit turned out to look like a man’s genital. Yes. That’s a penis, complete with balls (which would be part where the breast is), that we are talking about. Got damn you Internet. Now, the image of a penis is forever stuck in my mind. I truly can’t unsee what I have seen (and I apologize if you can’t too).

Images: Disney/Marvel.