We Found It! We Found The Source To The Best Black Panther Cosplay Yet

Well, that took a while. When saw a report by comicbook.com on what might be the best Black Panther cosplay yet, I knew I had to dig deeper. What makes this cosplay stood out from the countless Black Panther is the moving flashing purple LED lights that mimics the kinetic energy absorption that Shuri incorporated […]

Iron Man And Louis Vuitton Monogram Is A Match Made In Heaven

Gabriel Dishaw has a thing for blending pop culture icons with Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram. Since we last saw his works, his portfolio has grew to include Marvel’s Iron Man and Black Panther, Mickey Mouse, and even Power Ranger. There are all very impressive, as always, but this Iron Man Mark LV 2 Helmet deserves […]

Praises For Shuri And Ms. Marvel Kid’s Costumes And Wasp’s Sexual Costume

Originally, the idea of dressing up in costumes for Halloween is to scare away supernatural or folkloric beings, but it has since evolved to, well, anything goes. As far as children goes, it is about cuteness and the ability to grab sweet treats. Add a dash of today’s need for political correctness, you have the […]

Hot Toys Black Panther Shuri, Wakanda Throne And More

Looking to complete your Black Panther collection? Well, then the 1/6th scale collectible figure of Shuri from the Black Panther and the 1/6th Wakanda Throne, both from Hot Toys, are definitely two collectibles you want in your possession. The Shuri collectible figure likeness to the actress, Letitia Wright, is incredible and the throne completes King […]

Designer Imagines Wakanda’s World Cup Soccer Team Jerseys

FIFA World Cup is all the rage now. Well, at least it is in the rest of the world outside of the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. Soccer is a huge thing in UK, Europe, South America, Asia, and in Africa. Speaking of Africa, have you ever thought that what if the fictional Africa country […]

The Influence Of Wakanda Extends To Hari Raya With T’Challa Outfits

Well, it looks like Black Panther influence has gone beyond box office. Muslims in Singapore prepping for Eid al-Fitr, or Hari Raya Puasa as it is called in Malaysia and Singapore, have been snapping up Black Panther-inspired Baju Melayu outfits. For the uninitiated, Baju Melayu is a traditional cultural clothing typically worn on Hari Raya […]

Unofficial Nippon Paint Parody Of Infinity War Is Absolutely Hilarious!

Now, this is something that I won’t be able to get out of my head for a long, long time. If you have not heard, recently there was a meme of sort going on relating to the Marvel Avengers: Infinity War. Don’t worry. There’s no spoiler here. What you about to hear is already in […]

Fear of God x Marvel Black Panther Cast-only Jacket Auctioned Off

Here’s something you can’t buy, but we are going let you in on it anyhow. What see here is a Black Panther Cast-Only Bespoke Emmanuel Jacket based on Michael B. Jordan’s custom “Killmonger” example. I have no idea if you will be able to score this Fear of God and Marvel Studios collaborative piece. but […]

Hasbro Unveiled 12-inch Marvel Legends Series Black Panther Figure

Over the weekend, Marvel’s Jesse Falcon made an announcement that should have Marvel/Black Panther fans very excited. Falcon revealed the Marvel Legends 12-inch Black Panther Action Figure at the D23 Expo. Now, the thing is, this action figure is from toy maker Hasbro and so, one should not expect a boat load of details like […]