Best Black Panther Cosplay Ever

Well, that took a while. When saw a report by on what might be the best Black Panther cosplay yet, I knew I had to dig deeper. What makes this cosplay stood out from the countless Black Panther is the moving flashing purple LED lights that mimics the kinetic energy absorption that Shuri incorporated into it. As you can see in the animated GIF on this post and in the video below, this is really the next level of Black Panther cosplay.

CB picked up the hat tip from Redditor /u/Chris_Isur_Dude on the 18th, but you know how it is with Reddit posts. They are almost always without source. But the thing is, I NEED TO KNOW who made it (admittedly, mostly spurred by the pathetic 192 by 240 resolution video posted on Reddit). I was hell bent in finding out more and so the hunt began. An hour later, I found it. Yes, I did! After scouring deep into the Reddit comments, I picked up hints on where this might be from and hit up Google, and boom! There it was, a video interview of sort with the man behind the amazing costume on YouTube by Graig Weich BeyondComics. TV and the video did not disappoint.

It was revealed, through the ‘translation’ by the interviewer (because “T’Challa” was quite muffled when he spoke with the mask on), that the costume is the work of art of Instagram user vibranium.cosplay. Unfortunately, that was about it. The various links that point to different social media accounts of vibranium.cosplay failed to reveal more detail about this real life Black Panther suit (except for the lights are motion activated).

But hey, I have found the creator, didn’t I? So, if you need more details, the contacts are there for you to reach out to vibranium.cosplay. You’re welcome. And oh, the video you see below, was recorded after a New York Halloween parade.

P.S. Now that I look back, I can’t believe I actually spent more than an hour hunting down the creator.

P.S. The Black Panther dude looks really familiar. Is he a star or something?

Images: vibranium.cosplay.