Do you find yourself imagining the mouse is a car and making it race/drift down the desk when you are bored at work? Well, if you do, the Initial D AE86 Wireless Mouse is for you. OK. This mouse does not actually roll like a car, probably, but it does look cool while you are pointing and clicking.

Faith Co., Ltd. Initial D AE86 Wireless Mouse

Officially licensed by Toyota Motor Corporation and Japanese publisher Kodansha, and produced by  Faith Co., Ltd., the Initial D AE86 Wireless Mouse is, as the name implies, a regular 3-button wireless mouse with a body of the legendary Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX 3-door liftback (AE86) driven by the protagonist Takumi Fujiwara.

The body of the AE86 from the manga was faithfully reproduced, complete with light-up front lights and taillights. The mouse comes to life with lights once the power is turned on but there is a switch to turn it on/off if you prefer not to have the light-up feature. The front headlights will not pop up, though. As far as the front goes, only the secondary lights will light up.

Faith Co., Ltd. Initial D AE86 Wireless Mouse

At the glance, you may mistake it for a scale mode. The only giveaway that it is a mouse, is the scroll protruding from the hood. Speaking of the hood… it is worth noting that the AE86 here is based on Takumi’s tofu delivery car from the initial part of the story where it still has the stock white hood (which is my personal preference, btw). The rest of the car is the same two-tone black-and-white “panda style” color scheme the Trueno is known for, complete with the Fujiwara Tofu Shop in kanji printed on the right door.

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It is not clear what goes on under the hood of this AE86 wireless mouse. Then again, it probably does not matter because it is an AE86! Even a Blue top 4A-GE can take on a Lancer-Evolution easily.

Faith Co., Ltd. Initial D AE86 Wireless Mouse

The Initial D AE86 Wireless Mouse is available from Faith Co., Ltd webshop [JP] for 6,600 yen (about 50 American dollars). The web shop does support international shipping. Each mouse will come with a specially made original mouse pad, featuring one of the two Initial D graphics from the manga.

Images: Faith Co., Ltd. [JP].

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