the people of the 21st century loves to share their moments digitally but what's the point of sharing when you can't print it instantly like the...

(photos: Instaprint) Instaprint | US$399.00 |

the people of the 21st century loves to share their moments digitally but what’s the point of sharing when you can’t print it instantly like the good old Polaroid camera? Instagram may have rekindled your love for those arty Polaroid prints, letting you share your photos digitally as you capture them but for a complete nostalgic feel, we gotta to get our hands on the actual prints and that’s where the Instaprint comes in. this little unassuming box hooks up to your WiFi network and will print out any images tagged with a specific location or hashtag that matches and the best part is, it prints them the old school way – without ink. just think of it as the 21st century photo booth for your home or party. with Instaprint, you will be printing those hilarious party photos right there, right then – at your ongoing party. the Instaprint can be yours for a pre-order price of $399 via it’s Kickstarter funding page. judging from the response as we speak, this is going to be the ‘next big thing’. no kidding, just look at the numbers: $42,779 pledged with 54 long days to go. trust me. it is going to be huge. also, don’t forget to check out a cool product intro video after the break.

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Kickstarter via TUAW