Montana BLACK USB Stick 2GB

Montana BLACK USB Stick 2GB
(photos: Montana) Montana BLACK USB Stick 2GB | US$tba |

what’s the relation between a spray can and computer? probably nothing but that doesn’t stop specialist spray can maker, Montana, from launching these cute Montana BLACK USB Sticks. fashioned after the Montana BLACK can, this cute little USB flash drive stores your digital contents instead of pressurized spray paints and it comes complete with miniature cardbox just like the original spray cans. dedicated to fans of Montana Cans or simply anyone who are tired of how USB flash drives look today. to be honest, we belong to the latter group and that’s why we are pretty dope about the Montana BLACK USB Stick. available in three BLACK colors including knock-out blue, Irish green and pure orange with price and availability to be advised. click through for a few more views.

Montana via Cool Material

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