Britannia Furniture Collection

Britannia Collection
(photos: Britannia Furniture Collection | from £35.00 |

we know how good the Union Jack looks on the roof of the Mini Cooper. in fact, we didn’t know the Union Jack could look this good apart of being a national color and that was when we got hooked. you know what? we bet you didn’t know that they look equally awesome on furniture as well, even more so when it has the ‘washed out’ look as seen in the Britannia Furniture Collection. the collection includes a series of cushions in a choice of Union Jack design in different hues, oversized beanbags, storage bench, storage box, Ottoman and last but not least, armchairs. needless to say, the highlight of these furnitures is the lovely Union Jack design. prices of the Britannia Collection starts from £35 (about US$55) for the Jack Large Scatter Cushion and runs for to £399 for the Master Jack Armchair. join us for a small gallery of the Britannia Collection after the break.

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