I am beginning to suspect that Japanese consumers have a thing for exorbitant kitchen appliances. Sure, the ANAORI Kakugama All-In-One Cooking Appliance may be the second super expensive kitchen appliance we have seen after Mitsubishi Electric Bread Oven but the starting price of US$2,460 (!) really had us believe that there’s really a market for overpriced kitchen gadgets, particularly in Japan.

ANAORI Kakugama All-In-One Cooking Appliance

The whopping US2,460 is the smaller of the two models offered, coming in at 3.4L (about 3.6 quarts or 115 oz). The 5L (5.3 quarts or 169 oz) model costs an even cooler US$3,470. And also yes, they are available to buy stateside (yay? I guess?).

What makes this cooker so expensive is not because of its so-called all-in-one features. It does baking, simmering, steaming, frying, and regular cooking, btw. It is how it cooks and the materials it uses to achieve that unique way of cooking.

ANAORI Kakugama All-In-One Cooking Appliance

ANAORI said that ANAORI Kakugama was developed with the idea of not causing stress to the ingredients, thereby preserving their nutrients. To achieve this, ANAORI Kakugama utilized a unique and natural material offered by Mother Nature: carbon graphite.

It is said that carbon is 10 times stronger than iron and has far higher infrared, heat, wear, and heat resistance, and has thermal elasticity – all while retaining thermal conductivity necessary for getting food cooked faster.

ANAORI Kakugama All-In-One Cooking Appliance

Meanwhile, it appears to be a sleek, minimal box on the outside but the inside is actually the shape of a traditional pot commonly used in the Edo period. This unique pot shape enables uniform heat convection inside.

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The cooker is crafted from a single block of carbon fired at 3000 degrees Celsius (5432 Fahrenheit), which itself is an art. Being a sucker for design, I am naturally drawn to this cooker but damn, the price is just way beyond any average person’s reach.

ANAORI Kakugama All-In-One Cooking Appliance

But if you are the average person, you may pick up the ANAORI Kakugama All-In-One Cooking Appliance from ANAORI.com for the aforementioned starting price of US$2,460.

Images: ANAORI.

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