The Megaton – Massive Bomb Lamp

The Megaton - Massive Bomb Lamp
(photos: Stockpile Designs) The Megaton – Massive Bomb Lamp | US$780.00 |

between cool and functional lamps, which one would you choose? how about both? like this The Megaton, a lamp made with a real tail fins of a 100-lbs bomb that hailed from the Korean War. where it came from doesn’t really bothers us, cos’ as long they are repurposed military items, we are so going to dig them. stripped of its original paint work and the inevitable corrosions, this section of the bomb now exists as a beautiful lamp body with its gleaming steel along with the marks of rough machining. a polished nickel socket, cloth-wrapped cord, and a premium natural linen shade completes the unique look. we love the fact that it is not readily recognizable as a bomb and it just look awesomely cool. The Megaton is made-to-order and hence, no two lamps will be exactly alike. however, such cool object is not going to be cheap – expect to shell out a good $780 for one of these made-to-order bombastic lamp. then again, how can you put a price to a piece of our history?

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