while we heard someone is the process of working on a real flying carpet, our normally logical mind tell us it ain’t going to happen (it might be rumor, if we might add) and with that in mind, the Flying Carpet Coffee Table seems like the next best option if you can’t stop fantasying about One Thousand and One Nights, or you simply have an Arabic-themed decor that will be a good fit for this rug-style coffee table. of course, this table is no rug; it is designed to look like one which the flowy form and a base that masquerades itself as the shadow of the rug works together to complete the illusion. well, we must say it appears to be pretty convincing, at least from the images. the table is made of mild steel, power coated and adorned with pixelated print in the fashion of a typical Persian rug.

it is available in three hues, namely blue, red, and white, but also bespoke designs and colors are also available upon request. however, the Flying Carpet Coffee Table is not cheap by any coffee table standards; it will set you back at a healthy £1,495 or about US$2,465, based on the current going rate. another thing to note is, you have to prepared to wait for 6-8 weeks for delivery (the company said the table is handmade, so it kind of figures). you can witness more of the ‘magic’ in the image gallery below. tell us if you are convinced and/or would you drop two and half grand for a coffee table.

Duffy London via DROOL’D

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