with so many gadgets storing a myriad of different digital contents ranging from music files to photos to documents, it can be frustrating trying to access these contents from the various devices. luckily, there are solutions like the Transporter Personal Cloud Device which is designed to consolidate the many contents you have, so that they can be accessed from across your different devices. with the Transporter Personal Cloud Device, you will have a cloud to call your own which only you and those you grant permission to, will have access to them. on personal level, you get the freedom of accessing all your files on all your devices anytime, anywhere and not at the mercy of big corporations.

the benefit is priceless, if you really think about the convenience of consolidated files can offer. one such example would be capturing an image on your smartphone, editing it on your desktop computer, and sharing them with your family and friends on their own devices. in the past we used to do so by the way of USB flash drives, but a device like the Transporter practically negates the need for that extra hardware. as long you have connectivity, you will have access to your own personal cloud and real kicker is, since it is drive, you will have a peace of mind that you have absolute control over it.

two models are offered: the Transporter (pictured below) with built-in storage and the Transporter Sync (pictured above) that lets you plug in your own external drive as the cloud storage. the former is offered in a choice of a 500GB, 1TB or 2TB drive, while the latter’s capacity is limited by what you want to hook it up to. the Transporter Sync goes for just $99 a pop, while prices for the Transporter start at $199 for the 500GB model and runs up to $349 for the 2GB model. check out a product promo video after the break to learn more.

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Transporter Personal Cloud Device

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