Earthquake Proof Table by Arthur Brutter and Ido Bruno

Earthquake Proof Table
(photos: Brutter and Bruno) Earthquake Proof Table by Arthur Brutter and Ido Bruno | US$na

not everything we featured here is about personal tech lifestyle vanity and we do appreciate efforts made by individuals or groups with hope to make this world a better place. one such example is this Earthquake Proof Table by industrial designer Arthur Brutter and professor Ido Bruno. as the name implies, it is designed to save lives, which is a good enough reason to be posted here. as we all know, school children in and around earthquake prone zones are taught to hide under their desks when there’s a slightest hint of rumble. though the intention is good but more often than not, these regular study desks do not provide as much protection as one would have wished. in fact, it could potentially turn into a lethal trap as oppose to saving lives and even if the tables did managed to withstand the tumbling debris from the above, the mess that’s associated with such natural disaster would make it almost impossible for rescuers to reach the survivals. the Earthquake Proof Table aims to provide a safer shelter in the event of such unfortunate disaster and it’s patent-pending design is capable of taking on a 1000-kg (2200-lbs) impact but that’s not all. if lined together like it would be in any classroom environment, these tough tables form passageways for rescue teams to access to the victims. though it is made tough, the table is still lightweight enough to be carried by two children. the good news is, this table is in the works to be made available to the masses, though it is reportedly going to cost 2.5 times more than that of a regular school desk. still, we welcome such life-saving development with open arms. check out a video of the Earthquake Proof Table undergoing the impact test after the break.

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