In the DC Multiverse, there exist many Batmen and for the most part, they are evil. In the DC Comics miniseries Dark Nights: Death Metal, these Batmen converged onto Earth-1 and literally make it a living hell. Among these Batmen, some weren’t quite human.

McFarlane DC Multiverse 7” Scale Batmobeast Toy

There was the robot dinosaur known as Batmansaurus Rex, a Batman who had his soul transferred into Gotham City called Castle Bat, and a Batman who transferred his consciousness into a cybernetic vehicle and called himself Batmobeast.

A couple of days again, Todd McFarlane revealed a new toy based on the Batmobeast which gave us hope that one day there may be a Batmansaurus Rex toy too. Anywho, Batmansaurus Rex toy is just my speculation. The spotlight here today is the McFarlane DC Multiverse 7” Scale Batmobeast Toy. It being 7-inch scale, makes it the largest McFarlane toy ever.

McFarlane DC Multiverse 7” Scale Batmobeast Toy

Apparently, it is possible to remove the cover and put a 7-inch action figure in it. Though, you should not need to do that. Batmobeast is a character by himself and hence, no driver is needed.

The McFarlane DC Multiverse 7” Scale Batmobeast Toy should be exciting news for followers and fans of DC Comics. While in the video, McFarlane shows off the toy complete with the packaging, there’s no set release date or price available at this point.

Images: Instagram (@toddmcfarlane).

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