Never mind that the XpreSole Waterproof All-weather Boots aren’t actually the world’s first footwear to be made from recycled grounds because goddamn it, they look fantastic! Especially the XpreSole Blocks which had LEGO-inspired outsole.

XpreSole Waterproof All-weather Boots

The new XpreSole Waterproof All-weather Boots from CCILU consist of two models: the XpreSole Blocks and XpreSole Panto. The XpreSole Blocks’ LEGO studs-like under sole features Torsion Control TPU Arch that offers extra shock absorption and movement and stuck-out threads offer excellent slip resistance too.

The XpreSole Blocks further boast XpreSole Ultra Cushion EVA Midsole featuring thick cushion with more impact absorption.

XpreSole Waterproof All-weather Boots

For users who prefer a regular outsole, there’s the XpreSole Panto which features an S.Cafe Lining featuring a combination of neoprene, lycra, and S.Cafe membrane.

The Panto further touts XpreSole Resilient EVA Shell made of upcycled coffee grounds infused EVA, Ortholite Memory Foam Insole featuring S.Cafe membrane and Ortholite EcoLT, recycled plastic bottle shoelace, and XpreSole Airy Cushion EVA sole made of upcycled coffee grounds infused EVA plus anti-slip rubber.

XpreSole Waterproof All-weather Boots

Each pair of XpreSole uses 15 cups of coffee grounds. XpreSole Boots are breathable and moisture-wicking, featherweight (it totally floats on the water on the sole), anti-bacterial, machine washable (yes, the entire shoe!), and features S.Cafe Odor-proof fabric and OrthoLite Memory Foam Insole.

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Obviously, there’s a lot more to it than what we have laid out here. If you are interested, you may learn more about the new XpreSole Waterproof All-weather Boots over at and on Kickstarter where you can also secure a pair for US$84 or more.

XpreSole Waterproof All-weather Boots

The campaign has been funded which means a pledge for a product is a pre-order. If everything goes as planned, shipping should happen sometime starting in June 2023.

All images courtesy of CCILU.

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