Just because most gaming chairs have the sports car racing seat aesthetic does not mean you have to love them if you are not really into sports cars and/or racing seats. Thankfully, there are gaming chairs that did not assume the stereotypical aesthetic.

ASUS ROG Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair

American furniture maker Herman Miller and Logitech’s collaboration is one example and so is the IKEA x ASUS ROG line of gaming furniture. And now this: ASUS ROG Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair (SL400).

The ASUS ROG Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair is rocking a cyborg-inspired design featuring a futuristic aluminum exoskeletal frame. Meanwhile, the “skin” is breathable mesh, and the seat, as well as the headrest, is PU foam.

This IF Design Award 2022 winner is an ultra-adjustable ergonomic seat that allows gamers to immerse in the game while offering superior support for optimal posture.

ASUS ROG Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair

In addition to promoting good postures and support, the gaming chair further boasts a feature that no other gaming chair touts: an acoustic panel that reduces surrounding noise interference.

So it is kinda like a gaming cocoon but not really a cocoon. Though it is not clear how effective is the acoustic panel (which is the huge panel looming behind the headrest).

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And while most gaming chairs are designed with desktops in mind, the ASUS ROG Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair also has mobile gamers covered too.

ASUS ROG Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair

In addition to being able to rotate 360°, the armrests have a special mode that allows them to be raised up to 14 cm to elevate arms to the ideal position for mobile gaming. Now that, my friends, is a true gamers’ chair.

The last we check, the ASUS ROG Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair is still not available stateside but when it does become available, be prepared to shell out US$899.99 for it if you want one. Skip ahead for the promo video.

Images: ASUS ROG.

via The Guru of 3D.

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