Timepiece that shows the moon phase isn’t new but the HYT Moon Runner isn’t just any old moon phase watch. Its moon-phase literally pops – thanks to the 3D moon window. The entire watch is hyper-futuristic but it is the 3D moon that stood out. The moon is represented on the watch by a large hemispherical moon phase – complete with both the bright side and the dark side.

HYT Moon Runner Luxury Wrist Watch

A ring on an armature looms over the bicolor “moon” and serves as a floating window for users to observe the glorious phase of the moon. HYT Moon Runner truly takes moon phase watch to the next level. I don’t believe we have seen any wristwatch that dedicates so much dial real estate to the moon phase. Usually, it’d be a small circular window in one corner.

That said, I’d go as far as to say this watch is a good fit for space enthusiasts. Well, space enthusiasts with deep pockets, to be precise, because this lovely timepiece costs a cool US$125,000. The moon phase is clearly the crown jewel of this timepiece but that’s not to say it is the only thing that shines.

HYT Moon Runner Luxury Wrist Watch

Interestingly, the watch also touts an entire calendar too. Instead of just a window, it has two beveled rings (a month and a day ring) that show the date. The fact that the calendar surrounds the moon is a clear nod to the origin of the calendar which was based on the moon.

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The large moon and the rings also offered a visual experience much like navigation equipment like the marine gyro compass. Much like a compass it has an arrowhead pointer that indicates the minutes.

HYT Moon Runner Luxury Wrist Watch

Further out, there is yet another futuristic element, a capillary tube that wraps around the dial to tell the hour with the numerals on the edge of the dial. The capillary is filled with two immiscible liquids that movies along the dial to indicate the hour. It is ingenious and a watch engineering feat. So, yeah, the watch is not just futuristically beautiful but it is a piece of engineering marvel too.

You can learn more about this incredible timepiece over at the product page where you can enquire on how to purchase one.

HYT Moon Runner Luxury Wrist Watch

Images: HYT.

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