how many of you here remember Subbuteo? the tabletop iteration of soccer where we use our fingers to flick those tiny soccer players on half spheres around? though the modern iteration was launched in the 60s, it was still a hit in the 70s and being kids of those days, i was totally all over it, but alas, i wasn’t fortunate enough to acquire one. my only consolation was savoring those enticing Subbuteo television commercials and occasional ogling from the shop windows at our local shopping mall. anyway, if the Subbuteo memories still lingers around you, or you are simply a huge English football fan, here’s something that should tickle your fancy: a set of Salt and Pepper Grinders that takes the form of the Subbuteo’s miniature players of 1960s, though the duo is anything but miniature this time round.

officially licensed by the maker of Subbuteo, it comes in white for salt shaker, while the pepper grinder is in black. sorry to disappoint, but these big little fellows ain’t donning any jerseys for their new found tasks and flicking them around is absolutely not recommended as these set of kitchenware are made of ABS plastic, with the grinding mechanism made of ceramic, which means it will most definitely breaks if they are unfortunate enough to take a dive off the dinning table. nevertheless, we thought the Subbuteo Salt and Pepper Grinders make an excellent gift idea for football aka soccer fans this holiday season. turning your dinning table into a scaled down soccer pitch is entirely optional. available now from Thabto web store for £30 a set (or about US$48). we just can’t get enough look of it and we thought you might too, and if so, hit the jump for a few more hi-res product images.

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