Crystal Wash 2.0 Laundry Detergent Alternative

The use of laundry detergent when washing clothes is a norm. It is those kind of things that we classified as ‘second nature’, but a group of folks want, or more correctly, have already changed this age-old concept by eliminating the use of laundry detergents for laundry. But how does soiled, dirty and smelly clothes get cleaned without the aid of chemicals? Using an innovative product called Crystal Wash, which is basically a ball-like contraption that contains tiny Bio Ceramics. These Bio Ceramics raise the pH level of the laundry water and by increasing the pH level to say, 8.5 or greater, it shrinks the water molecule clusters so that they passes through the clothing and in process, allowing dirts and soils to be soaked free naturally.

Additionally, the process also produces Hydrogen Peroxide which helps to disinfects the clothes, kills bacteria and remove odor. So yup. These balls can do what detergents do, but without involving chemicals, which some may allergic to and it will also be gentler on your clothes, plus it could save you tons of money from buying detergents. By excusing yourself from buying detergents, you’re also indirectly saving the planet by not generating plastic waste. According to Crystal Wash, a pair of Crystal Wash does up to 1,000 laundry washes, which means if you do laundry everyday, they could last up to three years. But that was Crystal Wash.

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With the new Crystal Wash 2.0, it is taking laundry detergent to the connected age by incorporating electronics within the Crystal Wash to do things like sniffing out the pH level of the water and push this info, along with alerts like recharging, wash complete, wash cycle counter and even wash cycle tracking stats, to your mobile device. Welcome to the future of doing laundry. Crystal Wash 2.0 is already in its prototyping stage, but it needs financial support to finalize the design and take it to production, and it is using Kickstarter to do so. Early backers (limited to 1,000) can pre-order one for just 50 bucks, with delivery targeted to be in September 2015.

submitted via TIP US page.