DIY Backyard Tiny House by Luke Thill

While most kids of ages 12-13 were out hurling themselves into the creek or hole up in their home with video games and stuff like that, little Luke Thill spent his summer building a tiny house in his backyard. And he was 12 when he started the project. Luke has build very admirable, beautiful tiny house right in his home’s backyard. The idea came about when Luke became bored last summer and wanted something to do. The the light bulb moment struck after watching a bunch of videos on tiny houses on YouTube. At this point, I am feeling ashamed of myself. At that age, I was all over pop music, pixelated video games (Microsoft Decathlon PC game, anyone? LoL) and printing limited color ‘banner’ from Dot Matrix printer. Man. What was I thinking!?

As a kid, the only time I handled tools was in school’s technical workshop which I swore never to bring that trade back home with me after each lesson. Anywho, here it is, a boy like no other. A boy who chose to mow lawns to earn funds for the build, barter sweeping of garage in exchange of electrical service, and get down and dirty to cobble up this stunning tiny house (aided by his dad, of course), as opposed to staying glued to a smartphone or tablet. I am still shaking my head over how my life was at this point. If we had smartphone back in those days, I would be one of those kids who can’t unglue my eyes from it. What an unfulfilling childhood I had. Sigh. Anywho, it took almost a year and half and around $1,500 for Luke to complete tall, narrow home which measures 10 feet long, 5 1/2 feet wide and stands 10 feet tall at its highest point.

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In all, this handsome, cosy place offers 89 square feet of space which comes complete with a small kitchen, a living/dining area and a loft for sleeping. Notwithstanding the fact that he was aided by his dad, Luke’s accomplishment will surely leave most kids of his age, and even adults, ashamed of themselves. Damn. What the hell was I doing?! Or more correctly, what the hell am I doing now! Keep going for a video tour of Luke’s awesome tiny house (skip to 6.12 to jump straight to the house tour).

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go cover myself with a heavy blanket and weep over how pathetic my life is.

Images: Luke Thill.

via mother nature network.