navigation on bicycle has never been easy, at least not without risks. seriously, are you really going to squint over a digital map whilst pedaling? perhaps stopping by the roadside would be a better idea, or you could bang your navigation needs on the Hammerhead Navigation. instead of digital display, turn-by-turn navigation is via a series of flashing LEDs visible through corner of your eyes, so that you don’t need to take your eyes off the road when trying figure out where you are going. the device works in conjunction with an iPhone or Android app and leverages on your smartphone’ hardware (i.e. GPS) rather than duplicating it. just think of the Hammerhead Navigation as an extension of your smartphone that’s geared towards biking navigation.

it can also receive crowd sourced routes (of safer and/or more desirable paths), send routes to share with your friends or the community, allows real-time feedback to competition on apps like Strava and MapMyRide, and if you are renting, it will let you in on the time left on the rental bike, or directs you to nearest rental docking station. Hammerhead Navigation is also a bike light for increasing your night visibility. it is a simple, functional and sleek bicycle accessories that any direction deprived, style-conscious bikers can asked for. this bike gizmo is currently on new crowd-funding platform Dragon Innovation seeking $145k to fund the development. you can get yours by making a $75 pledge. hit the jump an informative video clip to learn more.

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